Workshop “Spectrum for 5G”




Workshop “Spectrum for 5G”

7 June 2017 / Avenue de Beaulieu 25 Auderghem, Brussels, Belgium

Spectrum for 5G Workshop,

This workshop will present recent research results covering the need for 5G spectrum and the suitability of the frequency bands under consideration (sub-GHz to millimetre) for 5G to provide ambitious services and adequate coverage, especially leveraging the 5G PPP projects advancements. Special attention will be given to the vertical industry requirements.

As no wireless 5G service can be provided without satisfactory access to radio spectrum – regulatory spectrum availability for enabling timely trials and commercial roll-outs of 5G technology and service provision will be discussed.  The availability and selection of the right 5G frequencies is of crucial importance to the current on-going international standardisation, to the European industry stakeholders 5G Manifesto and to the EC’s 5G Action Plan, as also pointed out in the RSPG opinion on 5G spectrum.

The sessions will cover the spectrum options of the 5G requirements as determined by the use cases envisaged for extended mobile broadband, massive machine-type communication, and ultra-reliable low-latency communication. In particular vertical sectors’ uses cases are highly relevant.  In 5G there will be demand for very high bitrate services and for widespread, but low bitrate services. The requirement for low latency and high reliability will vary per service but collectively the demands may be very high.

The workshop will provide introductions and research project results on expected 5G scenarios providing discussion of needed bandwidths, coverage, and availability of suitable radio frequencies. The bands in question are in particular those listed by the RSPG opinion, particularly 700 MHz, 3.4-3.8 GHz, and 24.25 – 27.5 GHz.

Regulation to provide pioneer band for trials and early commercial and pre-commercial deployment is of crucial importance. Which frequency bands are suitable for many countries, regions, and the world, and which actions are needed to make the bands available in time. What about high frequency possible for trials and early commercial deployment e.g., in 2018?

The workshop will also cover more radical advancements in spectrum management, such as spectrum sharing.



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