Telecom Leaders' Summit 2017




Telecom Leaders' Summit 2017

30 April 2017 / Dubai, UAE

SAMENA Telecommunications Council's Telecom Leaders' Summit is a collaborative, workshop and communication-centric industry-wide experience, created for and annually offered to the Leaders of the Public Sector and the Private Sector of South Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Europe and beyond. In its material form, SAMENA Council's Leaders' Summit is the congregation of Chairmen and Chief Executives of leading communications service providers, Heads of regulatory authorities, Ministers, Influencers, and Professionals that are driving digital development both regionally and internationally. Designed to verbalize critical business, policies and regulatory challenges in an ambience conducive to open communication among a diverse group of key stakeholders. Participation in SAMENA Council's Leaders' Summit necessitates the sharing of insights and their conversion into implementable strategies and outcomes, required for sustaining digital progress. Thus the mission of the Leaders' Summit meets fulfillment by:

  • Enabling the framing of practicable strategies, to help reap maximum, long-term socio-economic benefit through a well-defined digital agenda and adoption of national and sector-specific digitization policies
  • Fostering thought-leadership that can drive progress of telecom sector governance and regulation in the region to support the evolving scope, dynamics, and needs of the telecommunications industry, while ensuring its path to growth and sustainability
  • Supporting the creation of a business-conducive environment for telecom operators to invest in next-generation digital communications infrastructure, and to formulate business models
  • Achieving clarity on evolving imperatives in stakeholder cooperation, for fostering collaboration between telecom operators, regulatory authorities, policy-makers, and other industry stakeholders, with the ultimate objective to enhance progress in digital development and create business efficiencies and value-creation.


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