Smart Mobility UAE

12 – 14 March 2017 / Dubai, UAE

Dubai is set to be to be the world’s first “smartest” and the “happiest” city in the world. Smart Mobility is a key corner stone in achieving these goals as it is rapidly transforming urban transport and changing the way our cities move. It helps growing cities tackle major problems such as congestion, road safety, pressure on transport networks and systems, pollution and fosters cheaper and more efficient transport solutions.

As such we are pleased to announce the 3rd Smart Mobility UAE Forum due to take place 12-14 March 2017 in Dubai.

As the first Smart Mobility forum in the UAE, the region’s most influential stakeholders will congregate to put forth current and new ideas to improve the regions smart mobility plans. Aligned specifically with the region’s priorities and needs, the themes and topics discussed will be of key importance to regional stakeholders as they aim to work together achieve key Smart Mobility KPIs set by the ITU smart city initiative during the year of the Smart City, 2017.

Each and every traveller should expect a consistently convenient, reliable, and efficient journey from their origin to destination, across multiple modes of travel and there should in place, a system or network of systems to ensure this.

This is the regional goal we must all work together to achieve! Come and see what smart mobility in motion looks like and be a part of the transport revolution!

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