An Ambitious EU Framework for 5G Deployment




An Ambitious EU Framework for 5G Deployment

16 March 2016 / Brussels, Belgium

While this is a great opportunity for Europe which is already home to some of the world’s leading operators and vendors, it is still a challenge given that other regions of the world are already aggressively pursuing their defined strategies. 5G is more than a telecom standard, therefore Europe needs not only a roadmap to implement a vision that encompasses the whole value chain driven by new service opportunities across vertical sectors to deliver a truly inter-connected digital future, but most importantly, the EU needs a holistic approach on how to embed digital to industries. The EU needs concrete steps that would enable European industries not only to go digital but also to go global.

The event will be hosted in the European Parliament by MEP Michal Boni.  Alexander Geurtz, VP, Strategic Portfolio Development, SES will speak on behalf of ESOA, alongside Mario Campolargo, Director, Net Futures, DG CONNECT, European Commission and other stakeholders.

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