5G enabled Connected and Automated Driving – powered by Satellite Communications




5G enabled Connected and Automated Driving – powered by Satellite Communications

21 June 2017 / Strasbourg, France

Join ERTICO and ESOA at the next ITS Congress in Strasbourg on 21st June 2017 for a workshop on "5G enabled Connected and Automated Driving - Powered by SatComs".

5G will create infinite opportunities for the fast development of the connected market and will eventually become indispensable. Join different stakeholders to discuss opportunities and motivations for cross-sector collaboration to achieve Connected Car ambitions and learn about the value of a Single Global Network in overcoming coverage obstacles and bringing cost-savings and efficiency to OEMs, Tier 1s and network operators.

3G/4G/5G, WiFi, DSRC, satellite and other network technologies will work in concert to enable the ‘network of networks’ vital to enable resilient, ubiquitous, affordable connectivity. Thanks to satellite’s unique network extension capability and architecture, safety and operational requirements of the Connected Car can be met efficiently and securely. However market success requires innovative, new partnerships with key players in the connected car ecosystem (OEMs, Tier 1s, service providers) to enable onboard system integration into vehicles.

The workshop program will be divided in two sessions focusing on business models and product development and on how a partnership between different stakeholders can help the automotive industry reach its Connected Car performance targets.

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